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About Us
Mario Cormier
Instigator and Founder
of  Saint-Éloi Chapel Foundation Inc.
Mario Cormier, Marcel Michaud, Louise Desilets, Gilbert Michaud, Anne Michaud, Gertrude Pelletier, Roland Pelletier, Jocelyn Cyr. 
Dona Hurry
Marcel Michaud
Jocelyn Cyr
Anne Michaud
Edgar Michaud
Louise Desilets
Gildard Lavoie
Armande Beaulieu
Many people, especially from Comeau Ridge in Saint-André, as well as our region, know the small chapel of Saint-Éloi very well. It was legally named the Mission of Saint-Éloi under the auspices of the parish of Saint-André. Built in 1939, it bears the name of St-Éloi in honour of the Rev. Father Éloi Martin, who was the second priest of the Saint-André parish. He was helped
by his vicar, Rév. Cyril d’Amour, from 1939 to 1941.

Establishing a foundation was a priority for Mario. He worked on the foundation's creation in 2013 and 2014. After all the information was received, the Foundation was set up legally in February, 2015 under the title: "FOUNDATION CHAPEL SAINT-ÉLOI INC. / FONDATION CHAPELLE SAINT-ÉLOI INC."

Why a foundation? It was legally established by its founder, Mario Cormier in February 2015. He subsequently died accidentally on May 11, 2015. It was a great shock to the people who have at heart the chapel project. In order to continue the wishes and goals of the project as well as her partner's dreams, Dona Hurry became the Foundation's president, taking Mario’s  place, who had held the position of president since the beginning. Mario had an almost inexpressible dream to revive the little Chapel that had been closed for 14 years,

for meditation, prayers, family and social encounters.  

In this, he saw the legacy received from his parents at birth, a need  in your daily life, a place for meditation, a place to thank God for all the blessings that we receive every day. Thanking God for our accomplishments and the forces that God gives us daily to realize the talents that He had loaned us, during our earthly stay. Also in creating this Foundation, a Board of Directors was established to ensure the way forward for its functioning; to raise funds necessary for the maintenance of this place of recollection while respecting our Diocesan authority, the Diocese of Edmundston, headed by its Bishop, Msgr. Claude Champagne, and its operating committees - vocational, teaching of the faith, the sacraments, finances, parish, etc. which is not always easy with the number of our priests aging and changes, beliefs and practices of our parishioners in the region and even in the whole country. Everyone is looking for and seeking to know more every day.

In July 2014, at first the Foundation's members were:  

Mario Cormier, president.

Jocelyn Cyr, secretary-treasurer.

Roland Pelletier, who resigned in 2014 due to illness, and

who died in 2015.

Edgar Michaud.

Euclide Page, who resigned in 2014.

On December 31, 2014, new members were added:

Gilbert Michaud, Anne Michaud,

Marcel Michaud and Louise Desilets.

On June 15, 2015, following Mario's death, as you can see,

the number of members had changed considerably.

Dona Hurry, acting as president, replaced Mario as president.

Armande Beaulieu, Irena Poitras, Gildard Lavoie,

Hermel Godbout, Micheline Lévesque,

Rachelle Fengler and Roger Thériault.

At the time, it was voted that Mario Cormier, the founder, would be an Honorary Member and recognized as the Founder of the Saint Chapel

Foundation Inc. as of his passing on May 11, 2015.

Also added as honorary members were Gilbert Michaud

and Chantal Gallant, Mario’s daughter.

Another change occurred as a result of Roger Thériault's

resignation on November 23, 2016.

He was replaced by Madeleine Leclerc on June 27, 2017.

Irena Poitrat
Rachelle Cormier
Chantal Cormier Gallant 
Micheline Levesque
© Fondattion Chapelle Saint-Éloi Inc.
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